Personal Care Products

Bar Soap

Bradford is the world's largest custom manufacturer of specialty bar soap. We are one of the few bar soap manufacturers to make soap bases; this enables us to create custom formulations based on your needs.

The Need

Our customers are looking for soap that is differentiated from the competition. Whether it is performance-based or visual or both, Bradford's track record spans a host of market-leading products, including many developed with proprietary technologies.

The Result

Our customers represent the leading bar soap brands on the market today. Many of our customer relationships span decades - which speaks to the value we bring through our innovation, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain expertise.


Bath Bombs

Bradford's bath bombs are available in our classic fizz and in our epsom salt formulations which can be customized with color, fragrance and visual addditives. 

The Need

Bath additives are the fastest growing category within the Soap, Bath and Shower market. Their appeal is a combination of their fun fizzing format, amazing aromatherapy, moisturizing and skin-softening shea butter and, if desired, colored bath water.  

The Result

Bradford offers bath bombs in 2oz, 3oz or 4oz sizes that are individually wrapped. We offer a range of packaging options including bulk shipments, resealable pouches, window boxes and acetate tubes.

Moisturizing Sticks

Bradford offers a wide variety of HBA accessories including loofas, scrubbing brushes, manicure/pedicure kits, wash cloths and other spa-related items.

The Need

Customers are looking for a reliable source for HBA accessories with innovative features and packaging. They want a company that can provide quality products and market trend data to guide their purchase decisions, and a logistics system that can manage a full-scale program.

The Result

Bradford can supply a full range of premium spa accessories that can be customized to any brand and are stocked at our warehouses for quick delivery.


Cleansing Sticks

Bradford offers a broad range of skin care products using proprietary technologies and ingredients, including lotions, bath salts, body mists and much more.

The Need

Customers are looking to reduce the number of manufacturers they work with to increase speed-to-market and decrease non value-added costs. They are also looking for North American suppliers to address consumer quality concerns with products manufactured overseas. Due to Bradford's outstanding record of product innovation and supply chain management, we are a perfect partner.

The Result

We can supply a variety of body care products to compliment the shower and bath products that we already manufacture. The products can proudly claim "Made in North America".


Shower Poufs

Bradford is the world's largest producer of pouf sponges for use with body washes, bar soaps and shower gels. Our success is due to our patented technologies, our market trend information and our North American manufacturing location.

The Need

Our customers are looking for a combination of speed-to-market and quality. They also want color trend information to assist with the selection of pouf sponge colors that will resonate with the consumer.

The Result:

  • Manufacturing at our partnership Mexico facility means speed-to-market. Even large orders can ship within two weeks.
  • Our vertical integration translates to full quality control.
  • Bradford's proprietary netting formulation means we control the texture of the pouf. Our poufs are gently exfoliating and never scratchy.
  • Instead of a cotton rope that holds the pouf together, Bradford has a patented plastic clip that will never get moldy.
  • Using the latest trend information, we can coordinate your seasonal pouf colors to towels, bed linens and other home d├ęcor products.


Soap Bases

Bradford has developed the world's largest collection of soap bases. From traditional tallow and vegetable bases to state-of-the-art synthetic bases, Bradford's vertical integration ensures the integrity of our ingredient and processes.

The Need

Product differentiation and targeted positioning are essential to developing successful products. Customers are looking for a manufacturer who can address their specific needs with formulations that are effective and unique.

The Result

Whether we use an existing soap base or develop one to meet your needs, Bradford can achieve your goals. Our vertical integration enables us to custom formulate desired product properties - for example, soap bases that are made by saponifying exotic ingredients such as virgin olive oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil, just to name a few. Saponification is the process of reacting fats and oils with an alkali to create soap.

Production is handled by experienced technicians under the guidance of our Kettle Soap Process Simulator, a proprietary computer modeling program.