Personal Care Products

Bar Soap

Bradford is the world's largest custom manufacturer of specialty bar soap. We are one of the few manufacturers to make soap bases, which enables us to create small-batchcustom formulations based on your needs. We are vertically-integrated in the development of:

  • Natural soap base & finished bars
  • Syndet base & finished bars
  • Glycerin base & finished bars

Our broad portfolio of soap bases allows us to differentiate product performance, visual appearance, or both. Bradford's track record spans a host of market-leading products, including many developed with proprietary technologies.

Our customers represent the leading bar soap brands on the market. Many of our customer relationships span decades - which speaks to the value we bring through our innovation, manufacturing, marketing, and supply chain expertise.


Skin Care


Moisturizing Sticks

Made with sustainably-sourced shea butter from the
Global Shea Alliance, this portable moisturizer hydrates your skin
without a greasy after-feel. Great for targeted application.


Fragrance Sticks

A portable, moisturizing solid fragrance that soothes your skin while
imparting an amazing scent throughout the day. It uses less packaging
than traditional fragrance formats. With a mango butter base, it is vegan
and great for targeted application on your neck and wrists without
getting fragrance on your clothes. Portable and great for travel.

Bath Fizzes

Bath additives are the fastest growing category within the Soap, Bath and Shower market. Their appeal is a combination of their fun fizzing format, amazing aromatherapy, moisturizing and skin-softening shea butter and, if desired, colored bath water.  

Bradford's bath bombs are available in our classic fizz and in our epsom salt formulations which can be customized with color, fragrance and visual additives. Bradford offers bath bombs in 2oz, 3oz or 4oz sizes that are individually wrapped. We offer a range of packaging options including bulk shipments, resealable pouches, window boxes and acetate tubes.



Shave Stick

A creamy shave formulation in a stick format that enables targeted product application and a precise shave for sculpted facial hair. Made without TEA, MEA, or sulfates, this formulation leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. Travel friendly and mess-free.

Beard Balm

An all-natural, vegan formulation, this beard balm is made with nourishing shea butter, which softens facial hair and moisturizes your skin. The formula is easy to apply, does not feel greasy, and provides long-lasting conditioning. 


These anhydrous cleansers are perfect for home use and on-the-go lifestyles. They're gentle, mess-free formulations are ideal for the gym or travel. 

Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleansing sticks are a trending format that originated in South Korea, where consumers are obsessed with radiant, healthy skin. This creamy facial cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and soft. The syndet-based formulation is extremely mild with a low pH. It is available in a range of sizes and packaging and can include a broad range of additives.  

Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser is the same gentle formulation as our core cleanser, but it contains 1% salicylic acid, which is effective at fighting blemishes and acne. It is perfect for T-zone application or other targeted treatment areas. 

Cleansing Whip

The Cleansing Whip has all of the benefits of a mild cleanser in a unique fun format that is easy to customize and fun to use!

Whip Cleanser is a texture-changing formulation that transforms from solid to a light whipped texture. You can add ingredients such as essential oils or exfoliants at home to customize the product further. The individual serving sizes are mess-free - only take what you need. The formulation is naturally-antibacterial and does not require microbial testing.




Shower Poufs

Bradford is the world's largest producer of pouf sponges for use with body washes, bar soaps, and shower gels. Our success is due to patented technologies, market trend informationand our North American manufacturing location.

Our customers are looking for a combination of speed-to-market and quality.

  • Manufacturing at our partnership Mexico facility, we can make, ship, and receive large orders in our CA warehouse within two weeks.
  • Our vertical integration translates to full quality control.
  • Bradford's proprietary netting formulation means we control the texture of the pouf. Our poufs are gently exfoliating and never scratchy.
  • Instead of a cotton rope that holds the pouf together, Bradford has a patented plastic clip that will never get moldy.


Hair Care


Shampoo Bases

Bradford offers a range of shampoo bases for ultimate gentle cleansing and feel. They can be used as-is, or brands can add conditioners and additives to achieve desired attributes and efficacy. With a low pH, our shampoo bases won’t dry hair or cause scalp irritation. They are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and have less packaging and waste than traditional liquid formats.

Daily Moisture Shampoo Bar

The Daily Moisture shampoo bar is a finished formulation made with our premium soap-free shampoo base combined with a preformulated additive package for enhanced daily moisturization. It effectively cleanses hair while leaving it soft and manageable, The formulation has a creamy lather, and a clean rinse down.

Damage Repair Shampoo Bar

The Damage Repair shampoo bar will hydrate and moisturize hair that is damaged due to heat treatment, color, or environmental stress. This finished formulation is made with our premium soap-free shampoo base and a preformulated additive package designed to condition and smooth damaged hair. This formulation has a creamy lather and a clean rinse down.


Smooth and Shine Shampoo Bar

The Smooth and Shine shampoo bar will gently cleanse hair while reducing frizz and smoothing flyaways. Made with our premium soap-free shampoo base and preformulated plant-based conditioners, it will leave your hair manageable, smooth and shiny.