Where They're Made

Bradford develops clean, sustainable formulations that contain little or no water for the who's who of the personal care industry. Our locations are listed below with their product focus and specialties.   


Rhode Island

In addition to housing our corporate headquarters, our Rhode Island facility offers extensive manufacturing capabilities for custom, sustainable formulations, including:

  • Customized specialty soaps, solid shampoos, and shave products
  • Fully-integrated natural soap base making
  • Fully-integrated syndet base making
  • Fully-integrated traditional glycerin soap making
  • Small-batch process
  • Focus on flexibility
  • Numerous extruding and pressing lines
  • Extensive packaging options
  • First-rate quality control and quality assurance systems
  • Extensive R&D and new product development


Our Indiana facility is home to our sustainable personal care products that contain little or no water. It also specializes in high volume production runs. The facility has the following capabilities:

  • Stick filling equipment for cleansing & moisturizing sticks, natural deodorants, fragrance, and whips.
  • Automated bath fizz equipment
  • High-speed bar soap pressing lines
  • High-speed bar soap packaging options
  • First-rate quality control and quality assurance systems


Our California facility is a US-based warehouse supporting our partnership Maquiladora operation, located just over the Mexican border. The warehouse specializes in:

  • Just-in-time management of materials and finished goods
  • Coordination of Bradford-owned trucks that transport merchandise/materials to and from Mexico
  • Logistics management with external trucking companies for merchandise pick-up

Mexico - Partnership Facility

Our Mexico partnership facility is a Maquiladora. It has special status that allows us to ship materials from the US duty free and to take advantage of the low cost of labor in Mexico, similar to a duty free zone. Our pouf sponges are manufactured in this vertically-integrated facility, where we make everything from the netting to the finished product.