Bradford's Applied Research Laboratory is equipped with a full range of pilot-scale equipmentSuspended beads in soap that mimics the full-scale production equipment in our factories. We can create samples that leverage the latest ingredients and technologies with the assurance that they can be easily replicated in a production environment.

Our cutting-edge laboratory information management system (LIMS) enables us tocreate and track all custom formulations. The LIMS software has been customized to integrate into Bradford's operating system that manages raw materials, and leverages that information to aid in formula costing, project control, and tracking of regulatory information. The system is compatible with Oracle and complies with the Code of Federal Regulations, CFS111, for data logging.

The laboratories' color matching systems can match any product to a specific Pantone color, a standard color reproduction system, giving our customers a broad range of color options and confidence that we can consistently replicate that color in production. This system utilizes a research grade scanning colorimeter that visually and mathematically captures the sample's color signature, providing a permanent record for easy retrieval in quality control and quality assurance applications.